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In 1968 Liechtenstein held a vote to determine whether women should be allowed to vote. Women were allowed to participate only in this vote, because until then women were not allowed to vote. The result of the vote was that women were not allowed to vote.

When you look up into the sky on a moonless night, you see even more stars than you think. That’s because about 75 percent of the ‘stars’ you see are actually groups of two, three, or more stars orbiting around each other.

Before testing the first atomic bomb, some of the scientists working on the Manhattan Project did their best to calculate what might happen. They estimated there was a three percent chance the bomb would set the entire world’s atmosphere on fire, instantly killing us all. They went ahead and tested the bomb.

For the first 19 years Crayola Crayons were produced, they came in only one color – black.

A baby blue whale gains 200 pounds (90 kg) per day while drinking 50 gallons (190 liters) of milk. Her mom eats 4 tons of plankton out of the water every day.

Frank Tower was a ship worker who was on the Titanic when it sank, the Empress of Ireland when it sank, and the Lusitania when it sank. He escaped all three times.

A woman in England had to take her driving test 41 times before she was awarded a license to drive. It sounds to me like the only time she got to practice was when she was taking her test. That’s one way to get driving lessons without paying for them. I’d say the examiner got taken for a ride.

In 1905 Albert Einstein wrote his famous Special Theory of Relativity. It was published in a scientific journal that same year.

Two years after that paper was published, Einstein wanted a job as assistant professor of mathematics. This job required the applicant to submit a thesis paper, so Einstein submitted his Special Theory of Relativity. The university rejected it.

Here are some places with unusual names:
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Experiment, Georgia
Don’t Handle the Bobcats Without Gloves, Texas
Mars, Pennsylvania
Embarrass, Wisconsin
Mexican Hat, Utah
Enigma, Georgia
Old Joe, Arkansas
Smackover, Arkansas
Kissimme, Florida
Social Circle, Georgia
Waterproof, Louisiana
Why, Arizona
Zigzag, Oregon
Talent, Oregon
Zyxyz, California
Hygiene, Colorado
Imalone, Wisconsin
Gnaw Bone, Indiana
Bunlevel, North Carolina
What Cheer, Iowa
Humptulips, Washington
Scalp Level, Pennsylvania
Cheesequake, New Jersey
Looneyville, West Virginia
Monkey’s Eyebrow, Kentucky

It has been studied and documented that we hear thirty-two items of criticism for each item of praise! It starts when we are babies, ” Ooooh, your diapers stink!” or ” Can’t you keep out of trouble for even one minute?” Sure, we may not have known what the words meant, but even as babies, we felt the emotions behind those words. We grew up with much more negative input than positive. It is no surprise that we do the same thing to our friends, associates, and children. What if it were reversed? What if [More…]

We all know LA. is an abbreviation for a big city in California, but most people don’t know the full name. It is, “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula.”

One out of every four of the American submariners didn’t make it back alive from WWII. Three out of four of the German submariners didn’t make it back alive.